Session 2

K10 | 1.25(P66AB) The Contentious Politics of Palm Oil Expansion in Southeast Asia ❷Ahmad DhiaulhaqWard Berenschot
K10 | 2.39(P53AB) Resilience in Retrospect: Art, Religion and Community ❷Citra Aryandari
K10 | 2.40(P25) Educational Practices for Teaching Gifted Young Musicians in Europe and Asia: Comparative StudyNikolay Demerdzhiev
K10 | 3.05(P02AB) A Tropical Disease Between Tokyo and Java - Intertwining Histories of Malaria ❷William Bradley Horton
K10 | 3.39(P12AB) Burma’s First Democratic Term: Politics and Society in Myanmar, 2021 ❷Ryan Hartley
K12 | 2.03(P09) Beyond the Netherlands: Histories of Entanglements between Europe and colonial Indonesia, ca. 1850—1940Bernhard Schär
K12 | 2.15(P82AB) Youth encounters of cuisine, nutrition, and globalization in Southeast Asia ❷Eric Jose Olmedo PanalHart Feuer
K12 | 2.18(P06) Being Social 2020: Social media and social movements at the turn of the decadeDayana LengauerTimo DuileWolfram Schaffar
K12 | 2.31(P14) Centering the Frontier: Re-examining the Indonesia-Philippine Border ZoneAriel Lopez
K14 | 1.07(P56) Rohingya Refugees from Myanmar: New Perspectives on Identity and BelongingIshrat Hossain
K14 | 2.05(P64) Survival of the marginalized: a critical debate on gender mainstreaming policy, state and human rights in IndonesiaFanny Syariful Alam
K14 | 2.07(P11) Border governance in Myanmar: Contested and plural political spacesHelene Maria Kyed
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