(P14) Centering the Frontier: Re-examining the Indonesia-Philippine Border Zone


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Session 2
Wed 11:00-12:30 K12 | 2.31



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In 2019, Indonesia and the Philippines formally signed the “Protocols of Exchange” which reconciles the overlapping exclusive economic zones” (EEZ) between the two countries. While widely seen as an important step towards border egulation, it remains to be seen how such resolution of a legal question would translate to effective regulation of the movement of people and goods as well as the shared utilization of marine resources. With the signing of this agreement as a background, this panel intends to re-examine the process of border-making between the Philippines and Indonesia. How did colonial and postcolonial states establish and reinforce sovereignty and territoriality on a fluid maritime zone? To what extent did government policies reflect changing international norms and geopolitics? Lastly, and perhaps most imporantly, how did individuals (Filipinos and Indonesians) experience the political and cultural shifts in this border zone?