(P06) Being Social 2020: Social media and social movements at the turn of the decade


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Session 2
Wed 11:00-12:30 K12 | 2.18


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Southeast Asia’s large and still growing online publics evince a great variety of youth cultures. Distinct ways of being among Southeast Asia’s youth, including their hopes, aspirations as well as their affective expressions, are constituted on, in, and through social media. Especially during the lockdowns of the Corona Crisis at the turn of the decade, new local platforms, like TikTok, gained popularity and were integrated into the evolvement of far-reaching social movements. While we can observe the emergence of fragmented trends like the online and offline contestations of what it means to be Muslim among young people in the metropoles of Indonesia, we also witness more encompassing trends such as the emergence of transnational K-pop fandoms. On this basis, social media have also increasingly proved to be a means for bringing together actors from very different backgrounds, for instance, in the course of organizing protests among students in the streets of Bangkok and Hong Kong in July 2020. In this panel, we seek to discuss how youth cultures in Southeast Asia are constituted, politicized, and/or depoliticized on, in, and through social media. Beyond this topical focus, we are particularly interested in research that explicitly brings together online and offline approaches to the field. We thus encourage theoretical and methodological reflections on bridging onlineand offline perspectives. In a similar vein, we also welcome contributions dealing with ethical questions related to research in, on, and of social media platforms in Southeast Asia.