(P64) Survival of the marginalized: a critical debate on gender mainstreaming policy, state and human rights in Indonesia


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Session 2
Wed 11:00-12:30 K14 | 2.05


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COVID 19 pandemic seriously escalates negative impacts for most of sectors, particularly highlighting the condition of human rights in Indonesia. The reduction of international human rights principles under this circumstance does not benefit some marginalized groups, one of which relies on discriminated gender identities, such as women and others, as an example
LGBT, who are particularly informal workers. Various hurdles among them illustrate how their burdens during the pandemic increase, as they are before attributed as vulnerable groups, mainly in Indonesia where the enforcement of human rights principles remains undervalued. On the other hand, the struggle against discrimination towards them takes place quite
intensely. Therefore, throughout the Indonesian context in deliberating the handling of human rights principle degradation towards gender issues, we observe various ways regarding the examination on minorities of gender might reinstate their position to accomplish equality and social justice under the pandemic situation. Giving the notion that pandemic and gender issues are interweaved, debates are likely to occur to argue since this issue emerges from numerous perspectives. However it turns out on underlining how minorities of gender struggle, how media literally frame them as well as their conditions, what
multiple burdens they have on the stake, what they undertake for managing their conditions all under the pandemic circumstance in which the government tend not to concern thoroughly. By approaching this outlook as critical focal point of identity and power, this session explores the extent to which gender-mainstreaming is politically considered in the policy making.