(P25) Educational Practices for Teaching Gifted Young Musicians in Europe and Asia: Comparative Study


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Session 2
Wed 11:00-12:30 K10 | 2.40



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This panel aims to compare the gifted music education in Asia and Europe. Particularly the students of The Education University in Tanjong Malim, Perak (hereafter called UPSI) and the Music University in Vienna (henceforth called MDW) are involved in the research. The general assumption is that UPSI music diploma programme has similar aims to the
advancement of the gifted within the MDW, but they both use different methods to reinforce the talents and skills of the students. The panel will also compare the Korean K-POP programme for gifted child education with their counterparts Permata and Sekolah Seni in Malaysia, which is part of the theoretical sampling’s process. The author Dr. Christian Stekel,
who is based in Vienna, looks at the programme for the gifted in Vienna, Dr. Yunhwa Koh based in Seoul, at the K-POP programme in Korea, while Dr, Demerdzhiev, based in Hong Kong, compares the findings of his postdoctoral appointment at Sultan Idris Education University in Perak, Malaysia, with the other two above mentioned studies in Vienna and Korea.

While it is said that the Western style of music education focuses more on curriculum, evaluation and technical equipment, some of the traditional music teaching styles can nevertheless still be found in the music teaching in Southeast Asia. It emphasises more on the relationship between teacher and student and on the development of the personality of the
students, rather than focusing only on its instrumental technique. Assuredly, both sides could learn from each other in order to improve their capacities whilst the comparison between them could prompt other parties around the world to undertake a critical review of their own programmes.