What will the conference look like when You come to Olomouc?

You will enjoy a conference as you know it from the “normal times.” You just simply choose a panel listed in the conference program, walk in and use your powerpoint to present your conference paper. Or, you can listen others presenters’ reports and enjoy the discussion at the end of each panel. But, the panel room will have an online dimension. In addition to the presenters and audience physically present at the room, you will see -at the images screened at the wall of the room- those who will be connected online. The images screened on the wall will be very similar to what you know from Zoom, via which majority of the online participants will be joined to the conference room. Besides, you will be able to experience Czech culture and enjoy our a social life which we cannot offer online.

As for the technicalities, there will be a camera in each room that will record the presenters and audience. Those physically present at the conference will not need a laptop. But, they may appreciate to have one by which, connected via Whova application, you can communicate with those in online space - later on, when the panel will end.

What will the conference look like when connected online?

We recommend you to download two applications, the Whova application and Zoom. Before the conference, we will provide you with a manual how to connect to the Whova platforma and how to participate in the Conference. With advance, we will provide you with an access to the platform that you can get familiar with it and then better navigate yourself during the conference. For those who will need, we will provide tutoring how to access to the Conference and how to go to different panel rooms.

But, it is easy to participate. During the Conference, you will be -ideally via Zoom- connected to the Whova application, which will provide you with a schedule where you simply choose a panel to participate in. By a simple double click you will enter the room, where you will behave as during your online meetings that you know from the recent times. This will give you a beautiful connection to the Olomouc physical part of the conference and you will see all the presenters and the audience.

If you need, at the beginning of September, we will invite you to a trial conference, where we will show you how to connect to the conference, to your panel and how to share your screen. We will also show you how to behave in the panel room, how to turn on and off the microphone and how to be able to test your internet connection ani time you will need.

If you are afraid of all these options, you can simply pre-record you presentation, sent it to us, and we will screen it to the audience. Simple as it is.