Session 7

K10 | 2.39(P55AB) Revisiting Central European “Classics” of Southeast Asian Studies ❷Martin SlamaTomáš Petru
K10 | 2.40(P26AB) Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Postcolonial Southeast Asia ❶Ahmad Najib BurhaniYew Foong Hui
K10 | 3.05(P29) Gender Issues in Contemporary Indonesia: Women’s Response, Resistance and Resilience to Convid-19 PandemicDiah Ariani Arimbi
K10 | 3.39(P77AB) Vietnamese Migration and Diaspora ❶Barbora Nováková
K12 | 1.12(P70AB) The power of gastronomy: Changing urban foodscapes in Southeast Asia ❶Phill Wilcox
K14 | 2.05(P18AB) Contested Spaces and Circuits of Mobile Trade in Southeast Asia ❶Gerben NooteboomThijs Schut
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