(P70AB) The power of gastronomy: Changing urban foodscapes in Southeast Asia


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Thu 13:30-15:00 K12 | 1.12

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Thu 15:30-17:00 K12 | 1.12


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Across the urban landscapes of Southeast Asia, eating and drinking options seem broader than ever. In an increasingly globalised world, it is still possible to enjoy traditional basic fare but also, Western fast-food options amid landscapes that further feature upmarket restaurants, wine bars and coffee shops. At the same time, traditional markets in urban settings are often displaced to the periphery and/or replaced by outlets offering organic food, pre-packaged options, online deliveries and so on. Eating habits themselves are also changing as consumers may decry the loss of traditional eateries around them but embrace new eating places and seek to make traditional dishes into healthier options. Scholars have recognised increasingly that gastronomic habits and choices are enlightening for understanding attitudes towards consumption, class, authenticity and urban imagination, heritage, performativity of identity, as well as literal representations of changing urban settings. Here, we interrogate the literal changing urban landscape of Southeast Asia through gastronomic practices. Contributions from any discipline that speak to any of these themes are welcome