Session 3

K10 | 1.25(P33AB) Investing Southeast Asia: Amounts, Actors and Impact of the Chinese financial projection in Southeast Asia (2000-2020) ❶Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux
K10 | 2.25(P60AB) State and Society in Pre-Modern Southeast Asia: Current Research Into Traditional Forms of Governance ❶Jan R. DresslerKathryn Wellen
K10 | 2.40(P16) Colonial Asian history under fire. New perspectives of postcolonialism in the former empires due to BLM protests and discussions on slaveryFridus Steijlen
K12 | 2.15(P69) The political economy of Dutertenomics: a preliminary review
K12 | 2.18(P13AB) Cambodia at a Crossroads? Democracy and Development on the 30th Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreements ❶Laurie ParsonsSabina Lawreniuk
K14 | 1.07(P67) The legacy of colonial officialdom - biographical traces from TimorLaura Yoder
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