(P33AB) Investing Southeast Asia: Amounts, Actors and Impact of the Chinese financial projection in Southeast Asia (2000-2020)


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Wed 14:30-16:00 K10 | 1.25

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Wed 16:30-18:00 K10 | 1.25


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Scientific research on relations between China and ASEAN is undertaking a full renewal since the rising international power of China. Our international team aims at measuring and analysing Chinese development aid and investments while focusing more specifically on the modalities of their reception in the countries of SoutheastAsia.

The panel’s presentations intend to combines spatial analysis and the political economy of Chinese financial projection in Southeast Asia based on two types of data, which are notoriously difficult to compile and appreciate: official development assistance and Chinese foreign direct investment. For public aid, the main source of data is from the AidData database of William and Mary College (USA), which is a source of reference on Chinese projects, nevertheless to be criticized. It has not yet been exploited on Southeast Asia nor at the projected scale. For Chinese foreign direct investments in Southeast Asia, the research team will compare the various measures (Chinese, regional - ASEAN secretariat in Jakarta- and national) in order to carefully establish their distribution and their evolution during from the period 2000-20. The analysis of the articulation between these different types of flows make it possible to highlight some aspects of the methods and the actors of the Chinese engagement with Southeast Asia that are still rarely studied.

The panel would invite scholars to cross the analysis of these databases - with classic descriptive statistics and geographic information methodologies - with qualitative field studies and will document the reception in Southeast Asia of these Chinese projects (political negotiation, local economic context, territorial anchoring)