Session 1

K10 | 1.25(P66AB) The Contentious Politics of Palm Oil Expansion in Southeast Asia ❶Ahmad DhiaulhaqWard Berenschot
K10 | 2.39(P53AB) Resilience in Retrospect: Art, Religion and Community ❶Citra Aryandari
K10 | 3.05(P02AB) A Tropical Disease Between Tokyo and Java - Intertwining Histories of Malaria ❶William Bradley Horton
K10 | 3.39(P12AB) Burma’s First Democratic Term: Politics and Society in Myanmar, 2021 ❶Ryan Hartley
K12 | 1.12(P24) (Dis)locating Kababayan: Unstable Communities in Global Philippine Art and Visual CultureLalaine Bangilan LittlePearlie Rose Baluyut
K12 | 2.03(P61) Streaming the Tradition: Court and Grassroots Performing Arts in Yogyakarta during the PandemicEva RapoportIlaria Meloni
K12 | 2.15(P82AB) Youth encounters of cuisine, nutrition, and globalization in Southeast Asia ❶Eric Jose Olmedo PanalHart Feuer
K12 | 2.18(P04) Archaeological, linguistic and textual evidence of Indian Ocean interactions with South East AsiaChiara ZazzaroJohn Cooper
K14 | 1.07(P75) Unpacking the Asian Library. Histories of knowledge exchange and collecting from Asia to the West across decolonizationMarieke Bloembergen
K14 | 2.05(P54) Rethinking Expertise in a Time of Global CrisisCatherine SmithDavid Kloos
K14 | 2.07(P40) Memory, Heritage, Commemoration, and Contestations in Southeast AsiaJohn Lee Candelaria
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