(P40) Memory, Heritage, Commemoration, and Contestations in Southeast Asia


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Wed 09:00-10:30 K14 | 2.07


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Despite being a playground for colonizers, great powers, and dictators, the terrain of Southeast Asian memory remains to be underexplored in the literature of memory and heritage studies. As many of the events in the region’s turbulent past move beyond the primary sources of survivor testimony and on to what Marianne Hirsch refers to as the postmemory, attention must be focused on the vestiges of Southeast Asian pasts, represented by built heritage and commemoration practices. The papers in this panel explore the nexus of memory, heritage, and commemoration in Southeast Asia by looking at the region’s industrial heritage, war memorialization, and the contestations brought about by remembering and forgetting in the
present. We hope to interrogate the politics and practices related to memory and heritage in Southeast Asia in hopes of contributing to the “memory boom” (Schumacher, 2015) the region rightfully deserves.