Session 9

K10 | 1.25(P17) Comparing Regimes of Dispossession: States and Corporate Land Acquisition in Southeast AsiaNeil Loughlin
K10 | 2.40(P27) Faith Beyond Frontiers: Exploring the Role of Religion in Southeast Asian Public Diplomacy
K10 | 3.05(P68AB) The long road of Timor-Leste towards independence: Transnational perspectives ❶Michael LeachZélia Pereira
K12 | 1.12(P65) Teaching Southeast Asian Studies: reassessing the field from the classroomElsa Clave
K12 | 2.03(P48) Progressive Urban Religion in Southeast Asia: Religious Activists and their Struggles against the Conservative Turn in Metropolitan AreasMark Philip Stadler
K12 | 2.15Round Table
(R03) Southeast Asia caught between great power politics
Alfred Gerstl
K12 | 2.31(P47) Project meeting: Abnormal Climate and Urban disasters in Colonial Indonesia and PhilippinesAtsushi Ota
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