Session 5

K10 | 1.25(P15AB) Cold War Perspectives on Southeast Asia: Outsiders looking in ❶Frank DhontJaroslaw Suchoples
K10 | 2.25(P62AB) Subdued Clamor from Sumatra: Voicing alternative memories, narratives, and histories ❶Alan DarmawanJan van der Putten
K10 | 2.40(P10AB) Birthing and Dying in Southeast Asia: Morality, Personhood and Care ❶Annemarie SamuelsMolly Fitzpatrick
K10 | 3.05(P72AB) Transforming Tropical Forests and Islands: Human Management of the Environments of the Philippine Archipelago in Long Time ❶David Max Findley
K10 | 3.39(P08) Between Perils and Promises of Mobility: Aspiration, Possibility, and the “Good Life” in Southeast AsiaJessica Steinman
K12 | 2.03(P36AB) Making and Un-making Resource Frontiers in Southeast Asia: State Formation and the Commodification of Nature ❶Anu LounelaMichaela Haug
K14 | 2.05(P42AB) Myanmar’s Changing Currents: Origins, Processes, Stakeholders and Impacts in Centre and Periphery Relations ❶Makiko TakedaMoon Nay Li
K14 | 2.07(P07) Between Heritage and Colonial Representations: Early Photography in BorneoAntonio Guerreiro
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