(P03) Agrarian Transformations in Mainland Southeast Asia: Exploring the Intersectionality of Migration, Inequality and Environment


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Session 4
Wed 16:30-18:00 K14 | 2.07



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The panel looks at different forms of agribusiness agriculture that shape new agrarian transformations in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Taking an intersectional approach, i.e. how gender, ethnicity and class interact, it explores the relations between migration, inequality and environment in key commodities such as bananas, palm oil, coffee, maize and sugar cane. As agriculture shifts from smallscale production to commercial farming and becomes embedded within global production networks, work on the farm or on the plantation is increasingly conducted by migrant workers.

Can we decolonialise our understanding of agribusiness by understanding and articulating the experience of this subaltern? What new class relations emerge from the triangle between small-scale farmers, agribusiness companies and labourers? How does this intersect with nationality or ethnicity, for example via crossborder or internal migration? How are gender relations constructed in the production process via an unequal division of labour. How does this connect to processes of social reproduction? What social inequalities are created in these new formations, and how? Lastly, how do these agrarian transformations create new social relations of nature within agriculture? We welcome papers that give in-depth insights into specific commodities, that explore agriculture as embedded within production networks, or that offer a comparative analysis across the region. We particularly welcome papers based on research with agricultural labourers.