Call for Panels

Covid-19 disclaimer: Under the current circumstances a physical conference cannot be guaranteed. EuroSEAS and the Organising Committee will, of course, have to follow international, national and local regulations. Naturally, our intention is to meet in person but force majeur cannot be ruled out. In case a physical conference is not possible, the board would do its best to facilitate and organize an on-line EuroSEAS conference or series of activities.

The European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) will hold its 11th conference from 7 to 10 September 2021 at Palacký University, Olomouc. As an international and multi-disciplinary organization, EuroSEAS invites scholars and PhD students from all academic disciplines with an interest in Southeast Asia to submit panels that explore relevant research topics from an interdisciplinary perspective as well as discuss theoretical and methodological aspects of research generated in the field of Southeast Asian Studies.

Proposals are also invited for a limited number of roundtable discussions about recent developments in Southeast Asia; for a limited number of laboratories that would develop cross-disciplinary collaboration; and for screenings with academic discussion of documentaries or artistic movies on various topics from Southeast Asia.

Proposals for panels, roundtables and laboratories do not need a list of participants yet, just an abstract and a convener will do! However, please note that panels should reflect a variety in the national/regional background and home institutions of the participants.

Due to a limit on the number of participants (aprox. 400) during the 2021 EuroSEAS conference in Olomouc, the organizing committee will favour (but not limit its selection to) panels, roundtables and laboratories on language, literature, performing arts, postcolonial studies, and archaeology/material culture – fields that were underrepresented in previous conferences.


Panels consist of a convener, 3–4 presenters, and if possible, a discussant.
Double sessions of at least six presenters are allowed, but not preferred.

Submission format: (1) title, (2) convener, (3) brief description of panel, max. ½ page, (4) single session (1 x 90 min.): 3–4 presenters; double session (2 x 90 min.): 6 presenters, (5) optional: discussant.


Roundtables address current issues and new developments, and consist of a convener and max. 6 participants who prepare brief statements followed by audience discussion.

Submission format: (1) title, (2) convener, (3) explain in ½ page urgency of topic, (4) max. 6 presenters.


Laboratories are closed meetings for young scholars to develop innovative cross-disciplinary plans. Laboratories run for half a day and consist of a convener and max. 8 participants. Towards the end of the conference conveners will present the results of these meetings to a larger audience.

Submission format: (1) title, (2) convener, (3) explain in ½ page plans for discussion and collaboration, (4) max. 8 participants.

Screenings with Academic Discussion

Screenings show documentaries or artistic movies on various topics regarding Southeast Asia accompanied by an academic presentation or discussion which might include engaging with the filmmaker.

Submission format: (1) title, (2) convener, (3) explain in ½ page urgency of topic, (4) discussion format and participants.

Paper Restrictions

Please note that each participant is allowed to present only one paper in one panel. But, if needed, everyone can perform additional roles such as convener, round table member and/or discussant in other panels.


Please send your proposals to by 01 December 2020.
Giving the limited capacity of the conference, the selection committee preserve the right to advise on how to strengthen less clearly articulated proposals or on possible merges of similar panel proposals.

Conference Fees

Students and low income fee: 100 Euros
Early bird fee (registration until 28/02/2021): 200,00 Euros
Full fee (01/03-15/05/2021): 240,00 Euros
Plus EuroSEAS membership fee (to be paid by all participants) 30,00 Euros


For inquiries, please send an email to